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Introduction and Greetings

Maehata Corporation
Kozo Maehata
President and CEO
Dear valued customers

Since the very beginning, I founded former Japan China Coals Trading Co.,Ltd. In November 1994,
In July 1996, I acquired the equity of Mihara Carbon Co., Ltd. from Mitsui Bussan Metals Co.,Ltd.
(former Mitsui Raw Materials Development Corp). And in September, I established a logistics company,
Bull Co.,Ltd. which has been renamed Maehata Sangyo Co., Ltd. after a while.
On October 1,2013, Japan China Coals Trading Co.,Ltd. and Maehata Sangyo Co.,Ltd. were merged,
and I integrated its name to MAEHATA CORPORATION.
During this time, we have gradually broaden our range of products with your support,
and the number of employees has increased.
In November 2014, we were able to celebrate its 20th anniversary thanks to the guidance of
customers, suppliers, logistics companies and financial institutions.
Additionally I would like to express my gratitude to many employees sincerely.
Now I am convinced and so sure that the most important thing for management is "To offer highquality
service; stood in the customers point of view", "Sincere service", "Contribute to society"
and "Sustaining transparent management". And I also tell our staff members to value harmonized
organization which also has mutual trust and inspire. That is what I have learned from almost 20-year
management experience.
Furthermore, having an attitude to challenge for growing myself and to crave the purpose in my life
is also needed to make it prosperous.
We strive to ensure the further development in the next decades to come. Nowadays , we face a
number of challenges due to the rapid weakening of the yen.
We eager to meet the diverse needs of clients with our broad range of products and growing number of
overseas suppliers. We should continue delivering low-cost and high-quality products.
We look forward to your ongoing support and guidance.

April, 2018

Management Principles

1 We aim to make contribution to society for affluent life through growth of our business.

2 Always sharing the same viewpoints with customers, we provide truly useful products and high quality services as our corporate motto.

3 We aim to realize the organization with working satisfaction of employees who make efforts to mature by training for high level skills.

Quality Policy

1 We provide products and services suitable for clients’request while comply with laws and regulations.

2 We maintain effective management system by continuous self-assessment and development to achieve clients’satisfaction.

3 We aim to enhance the quality of corporate activities by setting quality goals and to work towards achievement.


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